Diageo promotes perfect mix Pineapple aloe juice


Diageo invests 1.4m [pounds] a summer campaign to encourage drinkers to create more spirit-plus-Mixer Pineapple aloe juice at home.


The campaign is designed to help consumers choose uncertain spirits and mixers that go well and concentrate on older brands such as Pimm years, Smirnoff and Gordon.


The investment includes sponsorship of ITV weather updates UV, sampling the store, PoS material and neck collars pineapple aloe juice recipes and ideas. Retailers prynuzhdaetsya goods to spirits and mixers together and create mature thematic displays to increase sales.

 Best Aloe Vera Drink With Pineapple Flavor in 1.5L Bottle

Diageo has also developed a website, www.refreshingtastes.com, which will go live in June and will contain additional recipes and promotional offers.


"Customers want easy solutions for their summer pineapple aloe juice and this campaign will provide it," said Ali Wilkes, category development manager for spirits.

According to Gilles Brook, Innocent commercial director, consumer research has shown that none of the products currently available does not meet the basic needs of consumers.


"Consumers divide the products into two areas - those with health and drinking for that reason, not for pleasure, but those who saw the unhealthy pleasure," he says. "There is a shortage of products offering health and pleasure."





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