a part of various wall panels


Moreover, shortly material or composition wall panels, also known as composite materials, those materials formed by two or more constituent materials with different physical and chemical properties. Such materials when interconnected, are produced that have different properties of the individual components of a material.

Technically, a composite material is a type of material applied to form a single body without a single physically mixing to produce a uniform material. The resulting material will still contain components can be viewed as a part of various wall panels 

Composite materials are separated in about three or four ways that the particulate, short fiber, long fiber, laminates and as large as filler types are suitable.

 aluminum composite panels

as matrix and filler comprises two independent components. to produce a portion of the matrix material, the filler is an adhesive member. other materials such as metal matrix composites and thermoplastic matrix composite materials may be used, but this typically involves various epoxy polymers. Composite fillings are placed in the matrix to power (carbon fiber, glass beads, ceramic, sand, etc. vary) is material. Traditional composite for example, cement such as fiber reinforced plastics, or composite materials such as concrete and reinforced plastic. Other materials, metal composites and ceramic wall panels (ceramic and metal matrix) are available.


with established principles and straw products are placed mud and brick construction. fillers, is more or less round, wherein a coarse compound is made of composite material.

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