ACM can also be laser cut into individual letters or numbers,


There are many reasons to consider the use of ACM for your next signage project:

From buildings to awning facing the fascia, the ACM is a product that does not bow and tear as the Colorbond.

The substrate may be a vinyl, or may be applied directly to printing.


aluminum composite panel

Material reinforced with a rigid and very strong core and coated sheets.

In retail marketing world, it can be folded and bent around the pillars at the corners to maximize the impact.

This material, which can cover your building with a smooth and decorative trim.

ACP is lighter than aluminum and stainless steel, and the use of the wall will take more

It can be engraved and color-filled to give depth

ACM can also be laser cut into individual letters or numbers, to increase the wall.

ACP is an environmentally friendly and biodegradable

It is a cost effective solution for your labeling needs.

Some retailers also call signs must be placed at the eaves, to draw attention to.


Scene fascia: usually Colorbond or aluminum composite panels (ACM). A good way to wearing awning to bend the top and bottom of the material, so that wraps around the face scene. It looks better and provides connectors are at the top and bottom, not across the face of the sign. Vinyl lettering and graphics are placed on the front side. If your tent is exposed to many direct sunlight, ultraviolet laminate can be installed over vinyl, but you still have to wait more than five years before the vinyl to fade.




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