Red Brushed ACP products



Red Brushed ACP products can be used as an alternative to asphalt shingles or cedar shake. These pebbles are made of rubber or plastic, which is mixed with wood waste. They are made to resemble a tree and shake made from stocks that would otherwise be waste. Because of its design, which resist UV rays, heat, and is long lasting. Recycled synthetic shingles comparable life expectancy of asphalt shingles 50 years. While the roof itself can not be recycled due to their Red Brushed ACP products, they are made mostly from recycled materials, which makes them poor but acceptable alternative for modest green roof.


Cedar shakes bad roofing and banned in many parts of the sensitivity of the fire. They quickly deteriorate, and one of the best cedar shakes made from old wood of progress, which is a non-renewable resource. All this makes the cedar shake a bad choice for a Red Brushed ACP products.
JY-6033 Red Brushed


Clay tiles are one of the many of the best solutions for environmentally friendly roof. Because of their weight, the installation may require structural reinforcement of the roof. Ceramic tiles are available in a wide range of colors, so remember that the lighter tiles above are suitable for solar reflection. clay tiles no leaching and makes a wonderful base for the accumulation of water. tile adhesive should be in the prime of the list of green roofs.


Slate tiles are another good alternative for the Red Brushed ACP products. As clay tile, roofing slate may ask you to strengthen your roof structure due to its weight. Slate quarries, however, there are many, reduced environmental impact compared with the production of a variety of roofing materials. The plate has been released and can literally be a permanent heap years. Slate tiles to make a fantastic choice for green roofing materials.


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